Application: Tesseract Cybersecurity Compliance as a Service


Description: Cybersecurity Compliance as a Service for small to mid-sized businesses become compliant in various cybersecurity frameworks (FAR, NIST, CMMC to name a few)
XP: Owned the entire scrum team and implementation process; basically got my MBA in startups in this role; living within the confines of Adjusted Working Capital
Tech: Microsoft everything – cloud applications (like Win365 cloud PCs, the Defender suite, ADO, MSFT Dynamics, and Power Portals
What I Learned: With a small, dedicated team we were able to try various Scrum and agile frameworks such as 6×2+1, traditional scrum, and Scaled Agile. I was also exposed to and led a service desk utilizing ITIL as a basis for our services
Key Metrics: Grew customer base by 2500% while growing our team by only 60%

Application: Green Energy Pathways

Description: GreenEnergyPathways is a tool for state & local governments to assess the economic, social, and environmental impact of new clean/green energy projects in the United States
XP: Truly applied UX Design skills at an enterprise level and was able to build several economic models with real-time labor market APIs in Python
Tech: The basis of the application lived on MapBox with Python injections for calling our various economic models based on a number of factors
What I Learned: Small teams rowing in the same direction can accomplish quite a lot; the power of a network; User Experience testing & research; real-time labor market data needs a lot of massaging to truly understand
Key Metrics: Partnered with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL); built and published an application on-time and under-budget with a 4 month allocation

Application: Medusa eCommerce Store & administration site

Description: Medusa is a JavaScript framework used for building eCommerce stores – with a development environment and production environment hosted in the cloud, I was able to publish changes in real-time without application down-time. This is known as a Continuous Integration, Continuous Development (CI/CD) Pipeline
XP: Front & Back-end software development
Tech: Node.js, Git, Docker, Heroku, and Netlify
What I Learned: Literally all of the technology listed above; this was a passion project and more of an introduction to production cloud environments
Key Metrics: Low to no-budget software development

Publishings & Talks

🔖 Publishing: Paths to the Prevention & Detection of Human Trafficking

Chapter 14: Reframing Human Trafficking to Enhance Multidisciplinary Collaboration: A Technology-Focused Application by IGI Global

I spent a very impactful year of my career working in Anti-Human Trafficking with several teams at MITRE. Web-scraping and data aggregation tools were utilized & developed to save a large number of lives while collaborating with global NGOs, local police force(s), & other non-profits to spread awareness & push the need for technological innovation in the space. The chapter provides information on the application(s) of technology to aid in the prevention and detection of human trafficking.

🗣️ Talk: Next Generation Unified Strategic Outreach – Technology for Anti-Human Trafficking

Location: Liberty Station San Diego, February 2021